Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reasons to look forward to fall

When I visited some PR agencies a little while ago, I found a lot of stuff that actually made me start to look forward to fall.. Summer hasn't even started, but it's good to know that when the cold comes back we'll have some stunning clothes to comfort us All though I love shopping for summer clothing, fall always has the best stuff.

First of all, check out the insanely cool leggings..

Also love the dress!!
And the body reminds me so much of when I was a kid and did Rythmic Sportsgymnastics, we actually wore something almost like it, haha.. Good memories! I'm a 80's child, maybe that's why I tend to fall for stuff like this.
I'm a huge fan of Elton & Jakobsen, and the fall collection is very nice. Can't wait!
By the way, the leggings could inspire to a cool DIY project..

Also has fallen for these purple printed beauties..

Nümph also has a lot of really great stuff. Foom the fall collection these two stood out. I love the print, and loose tops are always welcome. Just imagine these with black skinny jeans, ore maybe some wet look leggings, and high, high heeled boots...yum!

I'm thinking fall 09 will be a purple season for me.


oloni said...

Hot hot hot, you know what I used to think yellow was my favourite colour . Till my mum said you think it is but it really isnt I LOVE the colour purple lol its just so nicee I didnt know how pretty it was till mid last year. This year I have like lots of big purple shirts with this side arms cut out .. so ou can wear a nice tank top under. . great post!

Anonymous said...

i picked up a bunch of purple today. and patterns. loving it!

Silje said...

I think I need those clothes too!=D

Posh said...

I love fall/winter clothes more than spring/summer .. =)