Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Affordable and cool at Cubus for fall

If we are not tired of this trend until fall, there will be some real goodies coming in at Cubus in August. Saw these things at a PR agency, thought they were cool, checked the label and it was Cubus.. Cheap Cubus! Yay. The suede jacket is quite nice, the scarf is awesome and I would be so comfy in that grey sweater with the studs, and I do love comfyness. Even more I love affordable stuff, since I'm not exactly rich. I guess it's hope for fall then.

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Yamila said...

Nice clothes!

Anonymous said...

looks like good stuff!

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Carla said...

lovely details. thanks carla

Don't Be A Hero said...


I'm buying it paycheck, heheh

Anonymous said...
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