Friday, March 13, 2009

The Zac Posen earrings


I'm going crazy over the Zac Posen earrings. Ever since I first saw them in September I've been on a lookout for something similiar, and preferably a lot cheaper. I thought the chain stores like H&M would be quick to make copies, but I can't find it yet. I have seen some earrings with coins on them, but they looked too tacky. And what makes the Zac Posen ones so irresistable is the huge size, and the chains and beautiful details. Well I still haven't found a perfect pair, but these are nice I think. At least the Forever 21's are cheap, if you can afford the ones from Ericksen Beamon, then good for you, I can't. Might have to look some more. If any of you have seen some interesting knock off's please let me know!:)

Erickson Beamon $330 , Forever 21 $4,80

Ben Amun $225 , R.J.Graziano $57

Yvone Christa $319 , Ben Amun $125

Click the links to get to the online stores where they sell the earrings


Kaila said...

AAAH. those are too good!

Victoria C said...

i don't have my ears pierced, but this post makes me wish i did

Bibbi-Jeanette said...

Jeg likte dem fra forever21 :)

mademoiselleb said...

They look so pretty ! I hope youll find them. Maybe you should try Urban Outfitters.

"Une very stylish fille" said...

I definitely want one of those, please.

SO chick and so this season....on the other hand, so this and so others...anyway, the earrings are beautiful.

John said...

Are you still after the zac posen earrings, I know where to get them from.