Sunday, March 29, 2009

My style: Dogwalk





Has spring really arrived in Oslo???!! :D
I'm not sure if I dare to believe it..
But the "Hestehov" flower has appeared, and that's a pretty safe sign of spring.
If you live some place warm, keep in mind that we Norwegians haven't seen the sun for almost half a year now. So people are coming out of their hideaways, taking their sunday walks wearing sunglasses and smiles.
Oslo is alive againg.

I'm wearing my leather jacket from Zara, jeans from Bikbok, wellies from Hunter, scarf from H&M, top from Gina Tricot and my favourite very practical bag bought somewhere in Paris.
Ruby is wearing her new haircut, that I gave her yesterday with my fabric scissors.... I think her hairdue turned out quite well.


me melodia said...

<3 <3 <3

modern antoinette said...

I love everything about this looks...the jacket, the ripped jeans and the hunters. I've been wanting to buy some for years now!!


Christine said...

i love those Hunter boots, i still need to get a pair. cute dog too!!

elsa said...

You dog is so cute! And I really love this outfit, simple and stylish.. xx

Riina said...

i love these pics and your look (and spring ;))!

la principessa emicrania said...

just found your blog, i looove it!
started following it through bloglovin, yay!

have a lovely day!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Ahhh. such a cute dog! :) And I like your style!

Mimi/Marleen said...

aah I love oslo!
my aunt and uncle live in oslo!
they say its been freezing for nearly 8 months!
Hope sprong comes soon!

Mimi/Marleen said...

Aah, i love oslo!
My aunt and Uncle live there!

dapper kid said...

I absolutely love your jacket and that scarf is gorgeous!!

Vintage Me New You said...

uhlala, you look so preety and what am i seeing there:your little cute dog:)
he is so fashionable also:)
take care and all he best!!!


amalie said...

love your hunter boots, hunter rocks. and what a cute doggy.
and I thought spring had come here in stavanger, but then it started raining ..



loves these photographs
hunter boots, dog walking and sunday all seem to go together sooo well


Couture Carrie said...

Divine photos! That first one is editorial quality. You are so beautiful!


Miss Smith said...

Hestehov! Så utrolig mange fine bilder , kule klær og super skjønn hund :D Fancy blogg!

F Blog said...

Love these photos, your dog is too cute and I love your hunters. I've been meaning to get myself a pair!

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeg som ble så glad over godværet, bare for å våkne i dag og se helvetet ute :( You look cute, dahling <3

Cassiopeia said...

love it! such great photos and outfit - i'm seriously coveting that scarf! :-D


MR style said...

u'r really nice !!! lovin your blog

Dominica said...

Great outfit an the Hunters are fab ! Seen them in a bright hot pink a few days ago and was wondering..but hey, since yesterday, the sun came out again, so no wellies for me ...but you, you look FAB in them !!
Love the dog's haircut too ...:-D

j'mappelle shontel said...

i'm thinking that she's probably been modeling so long that it probably doesn't phase her too much... i love your pictures!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely pics. It looks brisk there, hopefully spring will come to us all soon!

Victoria C said...

You look great. Puppy walking in early spring is the funnest xx

Alice X said...

i LOVE your outfit here!

Anonymous said...

if you've been having it like the swedes, this sure has been a spring from hell. although i missed out on it, being here in italy. haha. but i feel you, spring gets a whole new meaning when you've just lived through a scandinavian winter. nice blog you have btw.

Kat said...

red hearts on a wall, so pretty :)

Mariona said...

You looks great, I love your boots and you are so beautiful !!! Kisses from Barcelona

HEK said...

Thank you so much, all of you, for all the compliments! You realy make me blush! haha:)

It is true, it's been crazy cold here the last months, but now it finally seems to be the shy start of spring:)
The HUnters are highly recomended, not only are the dry, they are also very comfy, I can walk far in them without getting tired feet:)

Also, Ruby says thanks for the compliments;)

Happy spring everyone!:)