Monday, February 23, 2009

Oslo Fashion Week: Moods of Norway

"Coctail Travels" with Moods of Norway

Oslo Fashion Week ended with a huge party of a show from Moods of Norway. It was so fun, these guys really kows how to party. What's cool about Moods is that they have a very strong concept, they have really captured the Norwegian spirit with their brand. When we arrived it was like coming to the North Pole ore something, with lots f dogs and dogsleighs, there were even whale meat (not that I would ever eat that). The show was very Norwegian in that way that a typical Norwegian really likes to get drunk and act silly. Artists singing drunken songs "drita full før drøbaksundet" and the Pakistani tire baron Tommy Sharif singing Punjabi MC..hehe, yeah it was crazy. It wasn't a fashion revolution, and it wasn't very tasteful, but it was the most fun show during the whole fashion week. Unfortunately I didn't get to take much pictures, cause it was the 4th ore 5th show I attended that day, so I went out of batteries... But here's a few of the pics I did take..

fashionshow, catwalk, moods of norway


Hippo_Lee_toe said...

Thats soo cool !

Yamila said...

yes!!! "thats soo cool!!"

(i like very much the last photo! beautiful clothes!)


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

makes me wish i could be at 2 places at once. thanks for the great reportage.

maali-lifestyle said...

å det hadde vært digg å vært der.
moods of norway e digg ! <3

Guruizzm said...

Fænsi bilder!

HEK said...

Moods of Norway is cool:)

The last picture is the model Charlotte Thorstvedt, also known from MTV's European top 20. She worked a lot of the shows durig fashion week, and when she wasn't working she was always front row.

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