Friday, February 6, 2009

Cause it's cold

Beautiful warmers

Dear almighty god of fashion, please send me something warm.
It wont stop snowing, so it might be a matter of life and death.
I mean, I might die if I have to keep on wearing my old bubble jacket.
Preferably something oversized and knitted. Thank you.
Oh..and.. Amen!

black sweater from VPL (front and back), grey sweater from VPL


Bibbi-Jeanette said...

Den genseren av Tsumori Chisato var utrolig fin!

Silje said...

They all look really great. I like nr. 6 and 11 the best!=) You got a fine taste!=)

love and youth said...

good pics, oversized knits are my favourite of winter clothes


Yamila said...

i love these cardigan!

beautiful.I want one of this!

Pixienish said...

Oh how i love slouchy things!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and cosy!!


Vintage Me New You said...

i love this kind of cardigans or jackets, they fit me well and they are so 'in' right now:)
it's quite cold in bucharest, so i need those:)
have a great weekend!

L said...

Mmmm, the VPLs, Wang, Miu Miu and Zucca are gorgeous!

Nil said...

They are beautiful!

She's Dressing Up said...

Wow, I love both of the VPL wraps!

The Clothes Horse said...

The drape in those first pieces is gorgeous.

ingrid said...

skulle gjerne hatt alle de der, snør her også :/

kaitlyn said...

all of these sweaters are great, but i think 2nd row, 2nd sweater is my absolute favorite. love your blog!


Cassie Casserole said...

heregud for noen fine gensere!