Saturday, November 29, 2008

H&M's next collaboration:

Matthew Williamson for H&M

Da jeg fikk mitt nyhetsbrev fra Costume i dag kunne jeg med glede lese at H&M's neste designsamarbeid blir med Matthew Williamson. Det hele starter med en eksklusiv damekolleksjon som blir å finne i noen utvalgte H&M butikker den 23. april, etterfulgt av vår/ sommer plagg til både dame og herre som vil komme i alle H&M butikker i midten av mai. For de som evt. ikke kjenner til Matthew Williamson kan stilen hans beskrives som fargerik, med mye fantastiske print, litt bohemsk med en del etnisk inspirasjon, gjerne litt flagrende (han lager de herligste sommerkjoler, for ikke å glemme hans signatur kaftaner) og for de som er heldige nok til å eie en av kjolene eller tunikaene hans, sikkert veldig behagelig. Klærne hans er alltid sexy og flatterende (og da mener jeg ikke sexy som Cavalli, men sofistikert sexy), og alle jenter vil vel se pene ut? Jeg vet i hvert fall hvor jeg kommer til å befinne meg tidlig morgen den 23. april. Sees vi der?

When I received my Costume news letter today I was happy to read that H&M's next design collaboration will be with Matthew Williamson. It will all begin with an exclusive collection for women that will be in selected H&M stores the 23d of April, followed by spring/ summer garments for bothe men and women that will be in all H&M stores from mid May. For those who might not be familiar with Matthew Williamson, he's style can be described as bright and colorful, with lots of fantastic prints, bohemic with ethnic inspirations, often flowy (he makes the most incredible summer dresses, and don't forget his signature caftans), and for those lucky enought to own one of his dresses ore tunics, probably very comfortable. His clothes are always flattering and sexy (and by that I don't mean sexy like Cavally, but sophisticated sexy), and what girl wouldn't want to look beautiful? I sure know where I'll be early morning the 23d of April. Will I see you there?

From Matthew Williamson s/s 2009.

If what we can expect from the collaboration will look something like this, then I think this will be the H&M collaboration with the most cafights... I'd sure take out my inner bitch to get some of that printed, flowy stuff.

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Bibbi-Jeanette said...

Det høres ut som at vi har like planer for vinteren.
Og jeg gleder meg til å se samarbeidet :)

BSgirl said...

I read it yesterday, I'm so exited! In Mallorca store never comes a lot of disigner clothes. From commes des garçons only have a couple of pants with a very big sizes and a blouse and a dress. sucks!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

And for menswear? I hope its gonna be refreshing!

@BSgirl: Sell your Comme des Garcons via ebay?

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

i look forward to that!

Strawberry Fields said...

very cool and i will certainly be there
my h&m is like, really small though so I will have to go south and fight over stuff there i guess...=)

The Clothes Horse said...

This is exciting. I can't wait to see what prints H&M will offer...I'm terribly addicted to that store.

Vintage Me New You said...

great post and he is a very good artist...
i love H&M:)
be happy!

love,Gia X

jds223 said...

I love love love the one shouldered gown...the fabric is incredible!

:Fridafox said...

Reminds me a bit of Miss Sixty! Exciting!

esther said...

i am sooo excited about this!! yay!