Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Cuteness all over the place

A girl might not be rich, but a girl can dream, right?;)

Stella McCartney at ShopStyle

Dress: Daryl K , $265 at lagarconne.com
Jacket: Stella McCartney
Pumps: Alexander McQueen, $s70 at yoox.com
Clutch: Prada, $795 at barneys.com
Necklace: Lizzie Fortunado, $436 at lagarconne.com


Paisley said...

I love this HEK!!!!!!!! You are so talented honey!!! This is incredible!!! I am lost in a fashion dream...... ;)

Binky Bink said...

Babe, you know I'm in love with this outfit!! Oooh, gimme more!! ;p

AE said...

Love the outfit!:D

HEK said...

Thank you sweeties:)